Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simply Exciting.

Going along with the crowd is thought to be a "safe" route by many, though it's not always the correct one.  Its easier to take the path of many others, because if by chance, the outcome isn't as desired, you won't suffer through it alone.  Going your own way and trying something different than others will sometimes lead you to the finest outcome.  For example, you may get completely sick of your career and want to try to turn a favorite hobby of yours into one, go for it!  Don't exist in your life, live, enjoy and plow right through it, it is yours after all.

As my friend was in Milan for business, he came across a artist from a tiny town.  The man has no T.V or internet or any idea that other opportunities lie out there for him.  We then wandered through the thoughts of whether or not its better to be ignorant to all of life's possibilities but learn to appreciate and just stick to one thing, or to have a clear a view of your potential and keep waiting for what you want.

 I seem to always enjoy an scenic route in many situations in life and I don't mind getting lost while there either.  There is so much to see in the world, why keep your setting so small or all of your days so planned?  Some people believe in ultimate simplicity, they are happy with a simple job in a small town, having the same bottle of beer every weekend at the same bar and not much diversion from that.  A life of this sort to many is enjoyable and they have little need for much more excitement.  I on the other hand, fear ever having a life of that sort, I love new things too much to be stuck in a rut of monotony.

There are many things I love that are simple. One of the reasons I love Country music so much is that every song is usually about love in some form or having a good time with friends.  Never will you hear Brad Paisley sing about the new Rolex on his wrist.  Always coming across satisfaction so easily doesn't sound so bad at all.

The most important things are pretty simple, family, friends and health, everything else is just sprinkles on the ice cream sundae of life.  Sometimes I for a second I wish that I didn't require so much entertainment and have such a high level of expectations for myself, because then satisfaction would come much more readily right?  I then quickly realize that I'm just not that person.   I love to keep my world open to new people, foods and adventures and take opportunities presented to me to the max.  On the other hand,  I am most positively sure that whenever the day comes that I have a baby, I know that I'll be so in love and awe that the last thing on my mind will be jumping from place to place, I will want to savor the moment.

Variety is the spice of life.  I've often pondered the thought of there being one perfect career for me, but have come to the conclusion that there isn't, I portray interest in many different things and want to cultivate them all.  I take something from everything I do, places I go or people I meet.  I love that the artist devotes so much of himself to his work and that alone seems to keep him happy but i feel that he is missing out on so much.  A happy medium of fully enjoying the little things and living life to the fullest, is the most attractive state of mind to me.  Being able to be happy with less, but also opening yourself up to always welcome more of what life has to offer, will bring one the best of both worlds.

There are times in life when its great to live lavishly,run forward without abandon, get lost, take a lot of risks and live like its your last day on earth.  There are also times when its nice to sit back in your favorite spot on your couch, in your most comfortable sweats, with a bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine and the people you love. I myself, don't feel i have to choose between excitement and simplicity, because each day I can "put on different shoes."  So like I say while shopping for a new pair of heels," I'll take both. "

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